Still sick. But tonight is better than last night. I came home from class yesterday and took a 2 hour nap. Then I ate some dinner and headed to campus to study with Deanna, since we had a Bacteriology exam today. I got to school at about 7, and by 8 I was sooooo sick. I was blowing my nose every minute, my head was so full of pressure I thought it was going to explode, I was coughing and hacking, and I really felt like death. There was no way I was able to concentrate or even think straight. So 3 hours after getting there, I left, without having really learned anything (to be fair, I did work quite a bit on my poster – which was really difficult in my state). Ugh, it was awful. This morning I had to get up really early and go have my poster for the ACVP conference printed. Then I headed to the vet school to start studying and settled in at Scrubs (our cafeteria) at 10am. The exam was as 2. I was still really sick, and it was really hard to concentrate! I made some study notes, a couple of awesome classmates sent me their study materials because I was so sick, and I tried my best. The only good thing is that it only covered 4 exams – that was really a blessing. So at 2 I went and took the exam, and actually had to stop halfway through it and just put my head down and rest, haha.  I think that I did alright, but definitely not perfect. The great thing about this class is that we have a regrade session and can get half of our points back! Plus it’s the lowest exam points-wise out of four. So I’m really not all that worried.

After the exam I came home, napped for 2 hours, then went to watch a derby practice. I wouldn’t have went if I didn’t have to, but we have to have three sitting practices before we start and tonight was the last opportunity for me to do my third. I’m definitely better than last night, but still sick. And now, I’m going to bed. We’ll see if I make to class tomorrow… thankfully my first class isn’t until 11am, so it’s a good possibility.

I just checked and my first class is actually at 10am. Being that it’s 12:20am already, and I feel like I could sleep for about 6 days, that may not happen.


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