Six more…

It’s crazy to me that we’re nearing the end of this quarter… my first quarter of second year is almost done. We only have 6 more exams, and 4 of them are finals. We have 5 weeks left, but that includes a four day weekend, an entire week off for Thanksgiving, and a 3 day weekend. So really, it’s only 3 weeks. Whoa. That’s great, but it’s also terrifying, because I really don’t want to start next quarter. Everything I’ve heard about it is that it’s a total nightmare and the absolute worst quarter in all of vet school. This quarter, while kind of boring, hasn’t been too terrible, so I’m not ready to move on to the one that makes everyone suicidal. I’ll pull through, I always do somehow, but I’ll probably be pretty miserable along the way.

Also, I had my first actual roller derby practice last night. I won’t go into detail here (you can read about it at my other blog), but I. Am. Sore. As. F*#k. I woke up this morning and stretched, not feeling sore at all. But it settled in as the day progressed and went from very slight to satisfying to just uncomfortable. I have practice again tomorrow night, and I’m kind of terrified about how I’ll feel on Friday, haha. The good thing is that I can just settle into my couch and study pathology all weekend. And maybe I’ll throw in a hot bath as well. Derby is good for me in so many ways, but right now my muscles just don’t agree!

I suppose it’s time to head to bed now… I should stay up and study pathology more, but there just comes a point when you’re too tired for it to really matter. I’m at that point. Goodnight!


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