Dear Thanksgiving break,

Get here sooner!!!

This week has gotten off to a pretty crappy start. First I stayed up until 3am Monday morning for the Virology exam, only to do not-so-hot on it. I did really well on the first exam, but since this one was worth twice as many points it really dragged my grade down. He curved, but of course, someone in the class only missed one question the entire quarter, so the curve only amounted to 1.3%. Which did nothing for me. Then because of my 3 hours of sleep and inability to nap, I skipped derby practice. The only place where I get to be the me that is NOT a vet student.

Then today, after completely not paying attention in any of my classes, I hit a classmate on the way out of my parking space. She was traveling down the lane, and I couldn’t see her due to the enormous black truck parked next to me. By the time she hit her horn it was too late and SMACK! There’s a dent and a scratch and her license plate holder went flying… luckily, she’s being super cool about it and just said she would get her holder reattached and let me know how much it cost. Thank god for that.

There are a few other factors making this week obnoxious, and it all combines to make me super grumpy. The only thing that has saved me from jumping off of a bridge is the equine catheterization lab that I had yesterday afternoon. I got to perform a complete physical exam on a horse, then give her an IM, SQ, and IV injection, and then I placed an IV catheter in her jugular vein. So Cool!! I can’t even count how many dog and cat catheters I’ve placed, but it’s WAY different on a horse! Then my partner and I gave her a complete brush down including mane detangling. It was really cathartic to brush her, and she looked amazing when we were finished.

Now I’m sitting here… needing to study for the next exam (Bacteriology and Mycology) and completely and totally lacking the motivation. I just wanna crawl into bed with my kitties and sleep until Sunday, when I leave for a whole week. I think I’ll start studying and drinking at the same time and when I am too drunk to see straight, I’ll trade the studying for the TV.


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