Merry Christmas!!

I haven’t updated since school ended, because I’ve been busy, sick, and RELAXING! I drove to Burbank (with 5 cats!) on December 14th, then Scott and I drove down to San Diego on the 16th to celebrate Christmas with his family. We celebrated on the 18th, and seriously, his family is too good to me. I felt spoiled! The best gift was probably my skate bag. It’s designed to hold my skates, all my gear (including the helmet!), tools/extra hardware, and it has wheels and a handle. It will make going to derby practice much easier. We had a wonderful time, including a get together with friends that night.

I started feeling sick around the 15th, and today is the first day I actually don’t feel sick. Luckily it was pretty mild, even though it was 10 days. Anyway, we drove  back to L.A. and then I flew out to Ohio on the 21st. The trip was pretty obnoxious. I had a 2 hour layover in Chicago, then my flight was delayed an hour, then once we got on the plane we sat there for over an hour. I was supposed to arrive in Ohio at midnight (already pretty late for my mom and brother), but didn’t land until 2am. Then it’s an hour and a half from the airport to my mom’s house. I was BEAT when I finally went to bed around 4am!!

So far, I haven’t done much in Ohio. Let’s see… I’ve played and cuddled with the new puppy (5 month old boxer/pit bull mix, and the sweetest dog ever!), played Wii with my 12 year old brother, admired the beautiful snow from inside, tons of reading… lots of laying around… :)

Last night we went over to my grandparent’s house for dinner and presents. I got two shirts that don’t come anywhere close to fitting, and a robe. Haha, yay grandparent gifts! Then my mom, brother, and I went around looking at Christmas lights. This is a family tradition, even though my brother whined the entire time. Once home, he went to bed, and my mom and I watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (another tradition), drank white russians, and played Santa by wrapping all of my brother’s presents. It was great :) This morning, of course, my brother woke up all early (yay 4 hours of sleep!) and tore open his presents. He’s now been lost to the basement ever since, playing his new Xbox 360. My mom has cooked some yummy food, and I haven’t even gotten dressed yet. And I don’t plan to! Christmas is for lounging :) Scott flies in tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see him and spend some more time with him. He only gets to hang with my family maybe once a year, so I’m glad he’s able to join me for a few days. We’re flying back on the 29th, and I have some amazing New Year’s Eve plans with my 2 best friends in the world.

I’m a lucky, lucky girl!!

At some point, I should work on stuff. Like the scholarship application, internship applications, my CV, etc. But not today :)


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