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Here we are, at the end of week 3, and it’s just been a total whirlwind from the beginning! We’ve already had 2 exams and we have another one on Monday. This means that whenever I haven’t been at derby practice, I’ve been studying.

Also, I’m applying to a lot of wonderful lab animal medicine summer internships. That means applications, cover letters, perfecting my C.V., being in touch and having meetings with my references, etc. The applications are all due February 14th, and that’s really just around the corner. I still have a lot of work to do before then! On that subject, I met with my mentor today, and he gave me a ton of contacts to get in touch with for summer work in lab animal medicine, including people at MIT, Harvard, and Yale!! I’m not sure who he thinks I am. But he suggested I contact them and throw his name out there, so I’m gonna do it. Hopefully I can land a really great internship, and that’ll be a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.

I’m also president of two clubs (one that is a LOT of work) and joined a committee in my derby league. Oh yeah, and I sleep and eat from time to time! Now you can see why my life is completely crazy right now. The good thing is that, for now anyway, I’m feeling pretty good about everything. I’m studying hard, working hard, and playing hard. I’m also making sure to spend some time with friends from time to time as much as possible. Even if it means meeting my lab group early in our vet school cafeteria for the Friday french toast special, like this morning :)

And tonight… I should be studying for Monday’s reproduction exam. Especially since I have derby practice tomorrow and lunch with friends on Sunday. But I’m exhausted, and taking it easy, and will probably retire to bed fairly early. Catching up on sleep will be sooooo great!


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One week down…

Winter quarter has officially started. And WordPress just ate my super long post. Grrrrrrrr.

I don’t feel like retyping the entire thing, so here’s a quick recap:

  • Second year Winter quarter is supposedly the worst 10 weeks of vet school life, so I’m studying a ton but since it’s a little each night and not under any pressure, it hasn’t been bad at all. Plus, so far, I like our classes.
  • I assisted with a goat surgery tonight!! It was awesome. My previous post, which was eaten by stupid WordPress, had a detailed account of the goat’s history, his two surgeries, and what I did — but it’s late and I’m tired.
  • Studied tonight with amazing friends that made pasta carbonara and spinach/cranberry/goat cheese/tangerine salad. It was super delicious, very productive (small animal radiology), and actually fun. Go figure.
  • Now I’m tired, sore (derby practice last night), and going to bed. I get to sleep in tomorrow, and that will be awesome.

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