So… sleepy…

I’m currently sitting in a systemic pathology lecture, not paying the least bit of attention to the professor. I tired, really, but his mumbling + my exhaustion just don’t mix. Yesterday we had our first pharmacology exam of the quarter, and it was rough. I got 3 hours of sleep the night before because no matter how much I study I NEVER feel prepared and can’t seem to ever get more than 4 hours of sleep the night before an exam. I ended up taking a 2.5 hour nap after school instead of studying, which was good because I needed it for practice last night. I got home from practice around midnight and didn’t get to bed until 1am. I’m feeling sleep deprived like whoa. The crappy thing is that I don’t know when I’ll be able to catch up! This week starts the Month from Hell. We have exams every Monday and Friday all through February. Friday we have a sys path exam, which I’m woefully unprepared for, as I have to podcast all of the lectures.

On a positive note, last night’s practice was awesome (I promoted from fresh meat to fast track!), I have a suturing wetlab tomorrow afternoon (!!), I’m scheduled for the yearly primate wetlab (the most fun EVER in vet school), and we’re in week 5 of 10 of the worst quarter ever.

Also, the Steelers are in the Superbowl and they’re totally going to win.


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  1. Vogue Vet

    Haha, I definitely feel your sleep-deprivation pain. I’m constantly fighting a battle to stay awake during class; it’s awful :( Good luck on your exams!

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