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The beginning of the end

So Spring Break is over and Spring quarter started on Monday… the last couple of months of second year. It’s so crazy to think that I’ll be halfway through vet school soon! I have a pretty crazy class load this quarter, but so far I like most of my classes and I’m excited about finally starting our medicine classes and actually learning how to be a doctor. Here’s what I’m taking:

Sophomore Doctoring
Fundamentals of Zoonoses
Veterinary Food Safety
Veterinary Toxicology
Sophomore Clinical Skills
Principles of Anesthesiology
Clinical Pathology
Systemic Pathology
Medical Primatology
Large Animal Reproduction
Small Animal Medicine I
Food Animal Medicine I
Small Animal Radiology Case Discussions
Small Animal Radiology

So… yeah. It looks like a lot. And it is, it’s 33.3 units. But it’s really not as bad as it looks. Two of the classes will be done by the end of April since they’ve carried over from last quarter, some are short courses that don’t last the entire quarter, and a couple of them are not really classes – clinical skills just means I spend a couple of hours at the VMTH, and small animal radiology case discussions is just sitting and looking at cases – there’s no exam and no attendance. The classes that have me most worried are toxicology, both medicines, and anesthesiology. But I’m also really excited for some of the labs this quarter! Anesthesiology will have us actually anesthetizing and recovering dogs (both exciting AND scary) and in large animal repro I’ll get to palpate pregnant cows, woo!

So it should be a fun and hectic quarter :) And even though it’s only the third day, I’m trying to get a head start on things, so back to studying!


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That was my Facebook status update just after taking the repro final, our last one, on Wednesday morning. I am officially done with what is considered the hardest quarter in all of vet school. I can see why it’s considered that. It was definitely a difficult quarter, with pharmacology and reproduction being the toughest for me. With that said though, I actually kind of enjoyed this quarter. Sure, there were moments I wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out, and over finals week I slept 10 hours over 3 nights and still didn’t feel prepared enough, and I haven’t had time to even BREATHE much less blog or go to derby practice, but overall I liked it. Compared to last quarter, the material was much more interesting (I liked repro… this is where my classmates stone me to death) and the professors were way better. Last quarter, I honestly didn’t really like any of my classes and a couple of the professors were positively terrible (other second years at Davis will be able to name the two I’m referring to without even thinking about it). So yeah, it was hard, but I liked it, and I’m glad it’s OVER!!

Wednesday after our final a bunch of us went out to lunch at a thai restaurant. I was super loopy, high on sleep deprivation, tons of caffeine, and the joy of finishing the quarter. It was delicious though :) That night I went to BJs with a friend and had berry cider, pizza, and a pizookie! If you’ve never had a pizookie, you seriously don’t know what you’re missing. It was a perfect end-of-winter-quarter treat. Then Thursday morning I went to a brunch potluck with some friends, with lots of mimosas, homemade cinnamon rolls (three different kinds!), orange scones, lots more yumminess, and lots of being happy to be done. Since then I’ve been doing some things that I’ve been neglecting due to the craziness of the quarter: cleaning, laundry, washing litter boxes, cleaning the snake’s cage, etc. Now, I’m sitting here in a spotless apartment, listening to the rain and wind outside, with kitties all around me (a certain orange and white tabby is actually draped across my right arm and stomach as I type this).

My mom and brother fly in tonight (arrive at 11), and we’re going to hang in Davis tomorrow with a tour of the school, drive to L.A. Monday, Disneyland on Tuesday, lunch with in–laws on Wednesday, drive back to Davis via the PCH on Thursday, San Fransisco on Friday, recovering on Saturday, then they fly back out on Sunday, just in time for me to start back in school on Monday. I have a busy week ahead of me, but it’s gonna be tons of fun :)

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