Um, yeah… Not a doctor yet.

So that’s obvious to you, and excruciatingly obvious to me, but for some reason (and I’m sure ALL vet students can relate), there are those friends and family members that assume that once you’re accepted to vet school *POOF!* you know everything about vet med ever. I’m only a second year! It was even worse when people asked me things when I was a first year! Now, there are very simple questions I get asked that are totally reasonable based on my past experience as a vet tech, but this morning was not one of those examples. Here’s a conversation between myself and a friend of the family:

Hey what do you know about Cushings disease
in dogs or humans?
dogs our 14 yr dashound was just diagnoised
the vet can probably tell you way more than i could
we’ve only just touched on it so far
thought maybe you had some insite
poor thing its a sad way to go out
unfortunately i’m still learning everything, so the vet would know way more than me
if you get the chance to learn and can share i would be in your debt….
i probably won’t learn about it until next year, unfortunately. that’s when we cover metabolic disorders
but the veterinarian should be able to answer all of your questions

She didn’t say anything more after that, I’m assuming she was frustrated with me. But if the dog has been to a vet and diagnosed… why ask me questions?? Perhaps the scarier thing is that there are classmates of mine that I know would’ve played doctor in that situation.


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