And … BREAK!

I haven’t posted in awhile, but that’s because I’ve been SO BUSY! And tonight I could (should?) be busy, but I decided to take a break for the evening. Partly because I’m so exhausted, but also because I feel myself getting sick and I need to kick it in the ass before it really settles in.

So the past few weeks have included so much amazingness :) Full of birthday celebrations (including a house party with pictures of us flying through the air and orange sherbet margaritas and lunch and wine tasting in the beautiful Napa Valley), hiking at Lake Berryessa (two separate times  – I totally fell in love with that place), a delicious potluck with amazing friends, a KILLER Sacred City Derby Girls double header, UC Davis Picnic Day, a weekend with my wonderful husband, and – of course – lots of studying.

To that end, we’re four weeks in and have had 2 quizzes (Small Animal Medicine) and 3 exams (two Systemic Pathology and one Food Animal Medicine)! The quizzes weren’t too bad, and the Sys Path exams were more straight forward than expected, but the Food Animal Med exam was a little rough. One page of multiple choice, and ELEVEN pages of free answer! It was a lot of material to master, and it was this past Monday after Scott was in town all weekend. I felt that the exam was totally fair, but warranted more time than I devoted to it. So we’ll see how that turns out. This morning was one of the Sys Path exams, and it was nice and straightforward.

The next few weeks are totally brutal. This Saturday is the Veterinary Student Outreach Club’s annual Future Day, where we invite about 100 high school students from all over the state to come and take place in wet labs and talks geared to teach them all about the different areas of vet med. Since I’m co-president and giving a presentation, it’s been very stressful planning that. And my entire Saturday is dedicated to it, a loss of valuable study time. Honestly, I’ll be glad when it’s done. Because next week we have 2 exams and a quiz, the week after that we have 3 exams, and then 1 exam per week for the following 2 weeks… and then about a week and a half until finals. Then… I will be halfway done with vet school!! What??! That’s totally crazy to me!

Today I woke up with a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. It might have something to do with 3 hours of sleep Monday night and 3.5 hours last night… so I came home after class and napped, and now I’m headed to bed, super early. As you can see from above, I can NOT afford to get sick right now! So I’m hoping to knock this out before it really settles in.


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  1. Vogue Vet

    I feel ya with the crazy weeks coming up. I hope you continue to enjoy some down-time!

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