Awesomeness times three

I have three bits of news that are pretty awesome, and I need to remind myself of these things on days like today (2.5 hours of sleep, BRUTAL Clin Path exam that had way more guessing than I’m comfortable with…). Listed in order that I found them out, not in order of awesomeness because I wouldn’t be able to choose :)

  1. This summer will be uber amazing. I was looking around for a great lab animal opportunity, and it had to pay because I still have to pay bills, rent, etc. I was preparing applications for a ton of places, most of which were on the East coast. There just aren’t many any paying lab animal internships on the West coast. Then one day I got an e-mail from my research mentor, telling me that he ran into a colleague from UCLA at a conference. I had been in touch with the lab animal veterinarian there, but hasn’t heard anything. Well my mentor secured me an internship spot at UCLA, and is PAYING ME out of his own research money!!! UCLA doesn’t have the budget to offer me any money, but my mentor is so amazing and knows that Scott lives in L.A., so he’s actually going to pay me to go work at UCLA with the lab animal veterinarians all summer!! I get to have an amazing experience at a fantastic institution AND live with my husband for three months! Dude. Doesn’t get much better.
  2. I started looking into externships for fourth year, as well. For those of you not familiar, during our fourth year we have a number of weeks for externships, depending on our track. They are 2-8 week blocks of time that you go and spend somewhere outside of the vet school hospital to get further experience in the particular field you want to go into after school. And although fourth year seems really far away still, they recommend getting externships lined up early. So after some networking, some e-mails, and a phone interview, I landed an 8 week externship at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies!!! I am super stoked about this – Salk is one of the most respected and recognized research institutions in the world, and apparently externing there is incredibly valuable. I wanted this particular position more than any other, so I’m extremely excited about it!
  3. Just today I found out that the paper written about some research I participated in over the summer was finally published!! Ahhhh! It’s published in Veterinary Pathology, and it’s currently online with the paper version being printed in the next issue. I’m a PUBLISHED AUTHOR. Holy crap. Amazingness. Considering my background where I came from, everyone’s expectations for me, and where I was headed… it’s hard to believe and I’m pretty proud of this. I’m not first author (or 2nd… or 3rd… okay I’m 7th), so it’s not *that* big of a deal, but it’s exciting for me and I’ll take it :)

Okay, guess I should go back to listening about calf diarrhea… counting down the hours until epic nap time.


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