Crunch time…

It’s actually been crunch time for over a week, but this is the final stretch. Last week we had two finals (one was a joke, the other… there was nothing at all humorous about), I’ve completed 3 take home finals, and now just a few days stand between me and the summer. If only those few days weren’t so awful. I feel like I’m literally drowning in an overwhelming amount of material that there’s NO WAY I can possibly learn in the short time that’s left. Tomorrow, Anesthesiology (cumulative, all quarter). Tuesday, Radiology (cumulative, all YEAR). Wednesday, Small Animal Medicine (not cumulative, but over 18 lectures and 4 labs…).

Even typing that makes me almost panic! And no matter what I’m studying for I feel guilty for not studying for the other exams. And now I’m sitting in Starbucks, ready to bury myself in the Anesthesiology syllabus… I’d like to come out on the other side of this with my GPA not *too* horrendously tanked, but I don’t have much hope for that at this point. Weeeee vet school!


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