And good riddance! For me, second year was way harder than first year, and mostly this quarter. I think that was the most brutal finals season I’ve ever had… and all because of 2 finals: Anesthesiology and Small Animal Medicine. Ouch! But the year is OVER!! And I hear third year is waaaaay better than second. It better be, haha, I can’t imagine it getting much worse.

Yesterday was my last final, and today I officially have a bachelor’s degree. :) I entered vet school without a degree. I’m a very non-traditional student and did my prerequisite classes at about a million different schools, and most of them at a community college. However, you can’t get a DVM without a bachelor’s first. So if you come in without one, they give you one after you complete the first 2 years. So I have a B.S. in Veterinary Science! And tonight my amazing friend Alison is throwing an awesome dress up party for me. Should be amazing! Lots of friends, good food, and even a pinata!

Scott arrived in town late last night, and we’ve been packing today. We’re moving out of this apartment and since I’ll be in Los Angeles for the summer, we’re moving all of our Davis stuff into storage. We have a lot to do… pack, move into storage, then leave for L.A. on Saturday morning! So I better get back to it.

So happy to be done with that quarter….


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