Day 3: Slides, slides, and MORE SLIDES.

As I suspected, with Dr. Bulldog out of town, my day was a bit more boring. This post will probably be really short, which will be a nice change from yesterday’s novel of a post, haha. Today I had one job and one job only. And it was to look for this:

These are pinworm eggs, on a piece of tape, looked at under a microscope. During the sentinel processing (talked about on Monday), one thing done to monitor animal health is a tape test. Basically a small piece of tape is pressed against the animal’s anus (where pinworm adult females lay their eggs) and then against the nape of the neck and then the piece of tape is pressed onto a slide. The slide is then checked for pinworm eggs and also mites (why the tape is pressed against the fur at the nape of the neck). The long thread in the bottom left quadrant of the picture is actually a mouse hair :) Cute, huh?

So yeah… I spent six hours total today looking at tape slides under a microscope. And the thing that makes it even more tedious (but good!), is that they’re all negative. So it’s just scanning an entire slide of mouse hair and debris. It’s important, obviously, but very monotonous. Thankfully, I was in a room by myself and was allowed to use the computer to listen to Pandora (hell yeah for the 90’s Alternative and Grunge station!), which made it much more bearable. :) By the end of the day my eyes were strained and one of them was twitching, lol. I only got through a little more than half of them, and I’m really hoping I don’t have to finish the rest tomorrow…

Then… tonight Scott talked me into going to his Crossfit gym tonight for a level one class. Holy. Crap. Crossfit is no joke. It was only an hour, but I thought I was going to die about six times, lol. I was completely miserable doing it, but was proud of myself afterward and I know that the only reason I was so miserable it because I’m so out of shape.I need something like this in my life, something to whip me into shape. I know that Crossfit can do that, so I’m going to give it a shot…


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