Day 4: Welcome to the lab…

Again, since Dr. Bulldog is out of town, no one quite knows what to do with me. Especially since this is my first week. I was only there for 5 hours today, and I took a 1 hour lunch so really only 4 hours. I got a tour and orientation to both of the labs and all of the equipment (there are some pretty impressive machines in those labs!), a PowerPoint presentation complete with discussion and quizzing on mouse necropsy procedures, and then after lunch helped clear out the necropsy room and move everything into a storage room since it’s being repainted tomorrow. And… that’s it! I left early and took it easy the rest of the day. Which was nice, since I have some sore joints and muscles from stupid Crossfit, haha. And now, time to hang with the hubby (LOVING the fact that I’m living with him this summer and get to see him every day!) and then get some rest for the last day of my first week!


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