Day 9: Yaaaaaawn

So today I reluctantly woke up at 4am. I had to be at work at 6am because I was going with the AHT who takes care of the mice in the cleanest barrier facility. Basically, the facility where all of the SCID mice are kept – because the mice in there have compromised immune systems, you cannot enter those rooms if you have entered any others (with non-SCID mice). Because you may pick up a seemingly harmless bacteria that does not affect mice with competent immune systems, but will kill these sensitive mice. Well she goes over to that facility around 6am, so I had to be there in order to go over and see that facility. The other thing about it is that before you actually enter the corridor for the rooms with the SCID mice, you have to put on a tyvek suit! As well as autoclaved masks, hair shields, shoe covers, and gloves (the latter four are for ALL facilities, but with a disposable gown instead of the tyvek suit). So we got all ready, and headed in. Th main reason I was going with her – besides to see the facility – was because she had to give medication via oral gavage to about 16 mice, and I had never even heard of that procedure. I had no idea that you could orally gavage a mouse! But I watched with fascination as she adeptly fed them the tiny polyurethane tubing and administered the medication. The mice took it very well, I was surprised. Then we were done, and I was able to (finally!) take off the incredibly hot tyvek suit, haha.

We got back just in time for the weekly veterinary rounds meeting, where all of the vets sit down together and discuss difficult/interesting cases, facility management, herd health, and anything else that needs discussing. I, of course, loved it. Sitting in there with so many people that I admire and want to be, listening to them talk about and discuss all of the veterinary issues… it made me so excited for my future. :)

That afternoon I watched an AHT give some tail vein injections in mice, but ended up leaving pretty early since I got there so early. At 6 I went to my second spinning class, and got my ass handed to me again! It’s great though, because that’s what I need. And I still can’t figure out why, but for some reason I love spinning :)


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