Day 10: Short Day and Short Vacation

Today I went with yet another AHT on her rounds. A lot of her responsibilities are within the breeding colonies, so I got to see lots of baby mice, which is always a plus. :) She also allowed me to do some treatments and physical exams, which was really cool. There was a mouse that needed some eye ointment and a SQ shot of pain meds, and then I did physicals on one with rectal prolapse (extremely mild, thank goodness), one with advancing kidney disease (due to age), and one with dystocia. It was great because I got to practice handling and restraint and learned more about different clinical cases. Then I went with the AHT from yesterday and watched her do 32 tail vein injections. It sounds boring, but the PI was there and I got to talk to him about his research, which was really interesting.

After I ate lunch it was about 1:30pm, and I asked Dr. Bulldog if I could leave early, which he had no problem with. Then I got home as quickly as possible (which wasn’t as fast as planned, because a fugitive on the run caused a huge portion of Beverly Glen to be closed down, forcing me to backtrack – ugh!) and packed, because Scott and I are headed down to San Diego tonight! It will be a really short trip, since we’ll get in latish tonight and will have to leave during the day Sunday. But it’ll be nice to spend some time with his dad and sister and just get away for a bit. :)


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