Day 11: Total Win

This is gonna be short and sweet because I don’t have a lot of time, but today was the best day yet! First I got to observe a rabbit procedure complete with femoral artery catheterization and fluoroscopy (pretty much my favrorite thing ever!) that took most of the morning from getting the rabbit, anesthetizing, prepping for surgery, and the procedure. Then it was lunch at Rubio’s (best fish tacos EVER) with a few of the AHTs. That was followed by a rat handling class, where I got to pet and snuggle adorable rats and learn restraint, handling, and IP and tail vein injections. Yay! Then I was pulled away just as that was done to witness and help with a rabbit necropsy, including brain extraction! Call me weird, but I love brains! By then it was 4pm, I got there at 7am, and it was time to go home. The day was very busy and really amazing.

I came home and relaxed a bit before heading off to my spinning gym for class. Man, it kicked my ass but it was GREAT! I really enjoy spinning, and even though I leave every class totally wiped and pouring sweat, I look forward to the next class. I came home and while I showered my wonderful husband made an amazing dinner of pork loin medallions and a salad of greens and snap peas. I am SO glad that one of us is a good cook – dinner was delicious!

Man, what a great day :) I will sleep well tonight!

P.S. – During quizzing from one of the residents (who was amazing all day – answering all of my questions about the procedure as well as vet school, senior year rotations, and residencies), I knew that ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic, xylazine is an alpha-2 agonist, and that the normal range for ETCO2 is 35-45 mmHg. I’m actually learning something in vet school – who knew?!


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