Day 12: Even More Awesome

Today was another great day :) I got watch another two rabbit procedures. For the first one, I got to place the IV catheter :D I’d never placed one in a rabbit before and so was a bit nervous, but it went nice and smoothly and I was thrilled to have the opportunity. For the second procedure I helped prep the rabbit and monitor anesthesia. I was also being grilled on anesthesia and even though I couldn’t answer every question perfectly, I loved it and I need that reinforcement so that I don’t forget everything over the summer!

After all of the fun with rabbits, I went with one of the AHTs to check out a couple of her rooms. I helped her complete a physical on a sick rat and otherwise just watched all of the super adorable babies. <3 baby rats. Then it was lunch time. After lunch I helped with the mouse handling class, that I talked about in a previous post. This time I helped teach the class and help the students with their techniques. I really like teaching and it was a lot of fun. At the end of class I got to try oral gavage in a mouse. I was nervous because it scares me a bit – mice are so small and delicate! But a lot of instruction and a little practice, I was successful! Hopefully I can continue to be involved in subsequent mouse and rat classes to hone my own techniques and also get more experience teaching and talking in front of people.

After the mouse class I went home, extremely satisfied with how my day went. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this internship, since it’s not a formal program. But I’ve only been there 2.5 weeks, and I’m pleasantly surprised with how much I’m learning and how much experience I’m gaining.

Then tonight was also busy – spin class from 6-7pm and then Scott and I met up with some of my vet school friends who are in Los Angeles for dinner. Yay sushi! It was, as always, delicious. But now I’m tired and have a full belly, and bed is calling my name…


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