Day 13: Meetings and Tumors

So this will be short because I had a looooong day (9 hours), I’m tired, and I don’t feel so hot.

This morning was all about meetings. First I sat in on a resident meeting with Dr. Bulldog and the residents and they mostly discussed the ACLAM board exam, because one of the residents just took it. They discussed questions that were on it and ways to study and prepare, since the other three residents will soon be taking it as well. It was interesting and totally scary. I feels like I’ll never be to the point where passing that exam is a possibility. It’s supposedly the board exam with the highest failure rate…

Then after a bit it was time for an all-staff meeting. That included everyone from husbandry to administration to the AHTs and the veterinarians. It began with an intro by the director, a short talk by one of the veterinarians, and then a guest speaker. She was a cancer survivor and her story was truly incredible. And she has animal research to thank for the drug that cured her. I definitely cried during her story, it was very touching.

I went to lunch at In-N-Out with some of the AHTs, followed by observing two tumor removal surgeries in rats. Surgery is always fun to watch, especially since I’ve never seen any kind of surgery in a rat. And tumors are fairly common, so it was very relevant. Both surgeries went very well and the rats recovered beautifully.

And now… to bed. I’d like this headache and vaugue feeling of nausea to go away before tomorrow. Up at 5am again and a rabbit surgery to watch/assist with!


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