Day 14: Beginner’s Luck

The beginner’s luck I’m referring to is from Tuesday’s post, when I mentioned that I placed an IV catheter in a rabbit’s ear and it went nice and smoothly. Today we had another rabbit procedure, and the resident asked if I wanted to place the catheter again. Of course I did, but this time it didn’t go as well. I was able to hit the vein, but couldn’t get the catheter to feed for some reason. That happened twice, and then I let someone else step in. Oh well… hopefully I’ll get the chance to get more practice and will be fairly competent at it by the time summer is over!

After getting the rabbit procedure all set up and stable, the residents and I left and went to vet rounds. I talked about those last week, basically all of the veterinarians get together to discuss any cases, issues with PIs (principle investigator), etc. They’re always interesting, because I love hearing about the medicine cases and how they’re handled. Plus all of the regulatory stuff – which may not be as exciting but is just as important.

Then we were off to perform a rabbit necropsy, and this time one of the residents walked me through all of the anatomy and organ systems, and it was really interesting. :) I really love pathology and necropsy, which is good since lab animal medicine is so closely tied with those fields.

In the afternoon I just went with one of the AHTs to do rodent rounds in one of the facilities. It took from 1:30-3:30ish, because there were a lot of rooms to check and some mice that needed treatments. I always love rounds, even though the AHTs seem to always think I’ll find them boring. After that I came home, and now some relaxing before bed!


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