Day 16: Seriously, I love this place.

So I had a wonderfully relaxing three day weekend, and Scott had Saturday and Sunday off as well so we had a great time. Out and about, went to the movies, out to dinner, relaxing… it was great. Then I returned to my internship for what just may have been my best day yet.

It started off like most recent days, preparing for a rabbit procedure.  I helped prep the rabbit and set up surgery, then watched the procedure for awhile, which is always cool because it involves fluoroscopy, once of my favorite things ever. After a bit I left with the resident I’ve been shadowing the most and we looked in on a pig that must’ve gotten his ear tag caught somewhere because there was dried blood on his ear all around the tag. So we went in and cleaned it up and gave him belly rubs and scratched, which he definitely enjoyed :)

By then it was lunch time, and after lunch was when I had the most fun. There was another rabbit necropsy this afternoon, and one of the other residents offered to show me suture patterns on the rabbit once the necropsy was done. I haven’t learned the first thing about suturing or instruments yet, so I was really excited. And she was so amazing and patient! She started with the basics – how to hold the instruments (it actually does matter a great deal) and the different types of suture materials along with their pros and cons and her preferences. Then she showed me how to tie a basic suture knot and a surgeon’s knot and let me practice each. Then she went on to show me and let me practice the following suture patterns: simple interrupted, simple continuous, intradermal and then the Cushing and Lembert patterns on the stomach (which subsequently passed the leak test – yay!). It took a really long time, because she had to show me, guide me, and then I practiced them all quite a bit. It was amazing!! It might not sound like fun to most people, but it was so useful and relevant and I really learned a ton. And the fact that she took about 2.5 hours out of her day to do that with me really meant a lot. How awesome is that? I have to say that the people here are truly wonderful. They make sure to involve me whenever they can, teach me, answer all of my questions, and allow me to practice techniques and get hands-on experience. I honestly could not ask for a better internship. This is further demonstrated by what followed…

So we were walking back to the office and it was about 4pm. We meet the other resident on the way and he asks if I can help him with the chinchilla that I talked about in my last post – so I said of course! On the way he asked if I’ve ever given SQ fluids, to which I replied yes, tons of times – to dogs and cats (and a few mice), but never to a chinchilla. Well, this would be my first. We drew up the fluids, attached a butterfly needle, and went to the chinchilla room. He held the little guy and let me give the fluids! :) Again, may seem small to some people, but I was stoked for the experience.

I finally left and came home after a long but rewarding day, and now I have a full belly (thanks husband!), a glass of wine, and am winding down toward an early bedtime.


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