Day 19: More Bleeding

Today was not the most exciting day, but they can’t all be amazing. My entire morning was taken by helping two of the AHTs do more retr0-orbital bleeding on mice. I helped by handling tubes, keeping track of the cages, recording things, etc. It wasn’t super exciting, but they needed my help and I was happy to lend it. Plus, the more of these I watch the better I’ll be when I finally give it a try. And it helps to watch two different people do it, because everyone has a slightly different approach and technique.

That was my entire morning, so then I ate lunch and shortly after joined the resident for the chinchilla euthanasia. It was sad, but necessary since he was not getting better. Now he is no longer suffering. I wanted to stay and watch the necropsy, but had already promised to help the AHTs set up for a big class on Monday and so sadly left to do that. After helping with that for awhile, I went over and helped another AHT with the mice I talked about yesterday – the same mice that need evaluation and/or treatments. That was the best part of my day, of course, since anything with hand-on animal time is a plus. Fortunately none of them needed any treatments today, but each and every one still needed evaluated and so it took a long time. Once we were done with the mice, I hung out in the office for a bit, talked to the doctor about the chinchilla necropsy and his findings, went and got clean scrubs for Monday, and then left at about 3:30.

And now it’s the weekend, yay!! Scott and I don’t have any definite plans yet, but it promises to be relaxing and fun. :)


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