Day 21: Rounds and Training Modules

Today was another sort of slow day, but my morning was fun anyway :) I went on rounds with the AHT that looks after the covered species. We visited the dog and gave him lots of love and some treats. We also stood at opposite ends of a long corridor and called him back and forth – he had great fun running between us, haha. I also ran with him up and down the hallway, which he loved. He’s a very sweet dog and really enjoys human attention and affection. :) Then we went to visit the pigs, including giving one some meds in a banana. She’s quite tricky and spit them out the first time, but we got them in her with more banana – I think it’s a ploy of hers in order to get more treats. I went around and gave all of the other pigs treats as well – fruit flavored Prima treats. We also of course paused to give pigs scritches and love, which they are accustomed to and really enjoy. From there I chopped a bunch a carrots and grabbed some kale and we headed off to the rabbit room. All of the rabbits were quite happy to get their treats!

In case it’s not clear, through all of this play time, attention, and treats, the AHT is looking in on everyone, making notes in charts, checking up on post-op cases, monitoring food intake and fecal output, etc. It was just that my job was mostly to run around with the animals and give them pets and treats :) It makes me so happy that this is how these animals are cared for. The AHTs treat the animals as their own pets, and take their care and enrichment very seriously. Most of these animals are treated better than most pets, and I love that about this place and lab animal medicine in general. Sure, they will not have the same life-span as most pets, but their lives are full and happy.

All of that took quite awhile, but we were done before lunch. Then the rest of my day consisted of completing online training modules, which is kind of the opposite of fun. But it’s important stuff and I did learn a thing or two. Plus my morning was full of animal contact, so I left content. Tomorrow – Chinchilla physical exams!! Woo!


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