Day 24: Sad Day

Today was a really hard day for me. I volunteered at another facility with dogs, but they were all adopted out at the end of the study. Most places do that if at all possible. Unfortunately, that was not the case with the dog I’ve been working with. He was needed for a study and had to be euthanized afterward to gather data. So I went with the AHT and we sedated him. We then sat with him for an hour waiting for him to become sleepy and for the lab to come and get him. During this time, I crawled into my lap and went to sleep. I just pet him and scratched him and made sure that the last moments of his life were full of love and affection. When the lab finally came to get him, I had already fallen in love with him and I couldn’t help but cry while they loaded him into the transport cage and took him away. I can’t talk about the research he’s being used for, but after learning about it I felt better. He was a good dog, and his life was not in vain. It was still very hard on me, and I’ve been pretty down the entire day. I even had the AHT come up to me twice to make sure I’m okay. I know that he was purpose bred (he was bred specifically for research – he wouldn’t have existed if not for this study), and that his life will contribute to medicine and advances for humans and animals everywhere for years to come. I have to consider the bigger picture, and that definitely helps. But he was a very sweet dog that loved pets, scratches, peanut butter, and running up and down the room with me until he tired. And I will miss him.


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