Day 25: Little Bit of Everything

In the morning I went to the weekly AHT meeting. They basically just discuss various issues throughout the vivaria, health cases, PI problems, coverage during weekends and when people have days off, etc. Nothing too terribly exciting. After the meeting I went on rounds with one of the AHTs, and really enjoyed it. We checked in on a group of mice in a study that need to be closely monitored and sometimes need SQ fluids. So I helped her check all of those mice and give any treatments needed. I also trimmed the teeth of a mouse with malocclusion, which is a bit scary because I didn’t want to accidentally cut the lips or tongue. But I’ve watched many times, and have received good instruction. Plus my restraint skills have gotten better and the scissors are very small – so I was successful! Yay!

After rounds and treating little mice, I went to help the rat tail vein blood draws. We learned how to do them last Friday (I didn’t talk about it b/c my day was consumed by the sadness of the dog), and today was the first day we needed to do them. Being that they’re important research rats and it’s a slightly difficult procedure, I didn’t actually do any. I was just the rat recovery station :) The rats are anesthetized for the blood draw (they have very sensitive tails), and afterward I held them and kept them warm until they woke up, then placed them back in their cage. So I didn’t actually do anything, but loved it anyway because I got to hold cute sleeping rats, aww.

After lunch I went to the rat handling lab and practiced restraint and injections (I’m currently much more comfortable doing these things in mice). The rest of the class I just played with the rats and socialized them :D Then I went with the covered species AHT and checked on the chinchillas – including dust baths and lots of treats! – and the pigs (also lots of treats and scratches). Then it was suddenly time to go home!

I work tomorrow but then am taking the rest of the week off! Scott and I are headed to San Diego to hang out with his family and GO TO COMIC-CON!! I’m super stoked and excited! We’re going to have such an amazing, relaxing, fun four-day weekend. :)


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