So. Comic-Con was super amazing! I haven’t been in many years (four, to be exact), so I was really excited about it. I’ll just give a quick run down of the highlights…

Thursday we got there really early to stand in line for one of the larger ballrooms because both the Game of Thrones and Dexter panels were going to be there that afternoon. We ended up getting in pretty early, but our seats were in the WAY back. So far back that you couldn’t see the actors, you had to watch the jumbo screens. Boo. But then, two panels before Game of Thrones, our friends in the THIRD ROW had people next to them leave, and they saved us seats!! WOOOO! So we got to be in the third row for both panels – Game of Thrones AND Dexter. It was f’ing rad. No watching the screens for us, we were able to watch the actual actors. Which means I was about 20 feet from Michael C. Hall… it’s amazing I’m not in jail right now, haha. Both panels were really great, the cast of GoT was more awesome than I expected, and Michael C. Hall was as charming as ever. The Dexter panel was over at 8:30, and we headed home (father-in-law’s house – yay free lodging!) for the evening then.

Friday we got there early to stand in line for the George R.R. Martin signing – he’s my favorite author ever (well, it may be a tie between him and Neil Gaiman). The way it works is you stand in line so that you can draw a ticket for a CHANCE of getting his autograph. Since it would be a madhouse if they let anyone get his autograph, they limit the number by holding a drawing. Scott’s ticket wasn’t a winner, but mine was!!! YAY! So at the appointed time I went and he signed my copy of A Dance with Dragons and a brand new shiny copy of the first book (A Game of Thrones) that I had just bought. I also talked to him for a few moments, and he’s super cool. After that we just checked out the exhibit hall, and I bought some GoT stuff (of course).

On Saturday we just roamed the exhibit hall, checking out all of the booths. My favorite area is where the independent artists are, the ones just breaking into things and trying to make it. You can find some really great art there for pretty low prices. I picked up four new pieces from three different artists, and I can’t wait to hang them in my new apartment in Sacramento :) We didn’t stay super long, as we felt that we had seen pretty much everything. There were so many awesome exhibitors there, and I could’ve spent sooooo much money! It’s a good thing Scott was there to keep me in check!

Now we’re just hanging out and will be heading back to LA tonight around 6ish. It’s nice to have one day just laying around, reading, and relaxing. This entire mini-vacation has been really great, and I return to my internship at UCLA tomorrow!


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