Day 27: ART Lab Take 2

This morning I sat in on the AHT meeting, and then went with an AHT and veterinarian to work on sling training pigs. The researcher needs access to the pig’s chest for ultrasound, and the pig cannot be sedated or anesthetized. So we sling train them. The first step is just to acclimated the pig to the sling (something kind of like this, with a winch system for raising and lowering). With the sling all the way down, we lure them in with treats (banana is a popular choice!), and then try to place the four feet into the holes. Since we want the acclimation to be slow and easy, we only had the pigs in the slings for about 10 minutes each. Then they got treats, scratches, and play time before going back into their pens.

After that I went back to the ART lab, which I talked about in this post, to see the other side of things. I watched while she checked pairings for pups (mouse pups – ridiculously cute), checked some embryo transfer mice for pregnancy, made some other pairings, and euthanized and collected reproductive tracts from some mice. It was definitely interesting, and great to see the other side of the ART lab, but it’s always more fun when I get to actually do stuff :)

I left at a reasonable time, went to spin class, and will be heading to bed early!


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