Day 28 (for real this time): I <3 Rabbits

Today was pretty awesome. It was more rabbit work, but than I’ve done before. I attempted my very first rabbit intubation, which went surprisingly smooth and well! Rabbits are notoriously hard to intubate, and it’s done blindly, so I was pretty excited that I was successful. :) I also got to place two ear vein catheters, and even though I’ve done a few before, every one that’s successful is another notch of experience. Especially because the second one was a rush and I did it while the doctor was shaving, so it was my first one without supervision. I knew that the doctor was counting on me, and it was a stressful situation, so I was nervous. I let out a huge sigh of relief when it went smoothly and was secured. I also helped with scrubbing, prepping for surgery, and monitoring anesthesia. I’ve been in on so many of these particular procedures that I know what needs to be done and am comfortable jumping in and helping out. So it was a good morning.

It ended up being a pretty rad afternoon, as well. One of the training rats was getting very old, and she had a mammary tumor that could not be operated on. So she needed to be euthanized, and they let me and another volunteer (a health tech that just got into vet school – she’s hanging with the vet staff for a couple weeks before leaving) do a full necropsy on her. I love necropsy, it’s so fascinating. I also removed her tumor, and I tried to treat it as if she was going to recover – I was very careful, took note of the blood supply, tried to remove the entire thing without damaging any healthy tissue, etc. It might sound weird, but it was a lot of fun :)

I left a bit early, and that’s when my good day turned bad. I noticed that my car was idling a little rough, then about halfway home the stupid check engine light came on. ARGH! I managed to get it to the shop we frequent before they closed, but of course it was only an hour before and they didn’t have time to look at it today. So we left it there for tomorrow, and here’s hoping (HOPING!!) it’s not going to be anything major or cost a million dollars. Ugh. Also, this means Scott is driving me to work in the morning. Since he leaves so much earlier than me, I get to sit at a coffee shop for an hour and a half before work. Eww! Guess that means I should get to bed early…


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