Day 29: Not every day can be awesome

Today was a bit slow, which is to be expected from time to time. The morning started with veterinary rounds, which can be interesting. They discussed a particular primate case, and that was pretty cool.

After rounds I went with an AHT who needed to do some mice tail vein injections for an investigator. I’ve seen a million done before, and since I can’t actually do any, it was kind of boring. Afterwards I hung out in the office and worked on my application for the Johns Hopkins externship (for fourth year). I would love to go there, but applying is very intimidating. I have to write a letter of intent, including what I want out of the externship and my career goals – I just have no idea where to start, how long it should be, and what I should talk about. I also need two letters of recommendation, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

After lunch I went with one of the veterinarians and we worked on sling training the pigs (talked about in this post) for just about 10 minutes, then went and looked in on a macaque having skin issues – another 10 minutes. We also stepped in and took a look at the vervets, because they’e just so cute. :) Then is was back to the office to hang out until it was time to leave.


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