Day 30: The Usual

I think my posts are going to start getting shorter, which I’m sure anyone who reads this won’t mind, haha. Because most of the things I do now are things I’ve done before and talked about before.

First thing this morning was sitting in a coffee shop for over an hour… ugh! (See last post for why!)

Once I got to the office and got going, things started with visiting the pigs, chinchillas, and rabbits. We gave treats to the pigs and chinchillas, and would be back later to give veggies to the rabbits. There was another rabbit surgery, so I helped with that like usual. Scrubbing, prepping, hooking up the monitoring equipment, etc. I really like the rabbit procedures because I get more comfortable with rabbits every time and I feel like I’m actually helping and being useful, haha.

After the rabbit was all set up and the surgery was under way, we went back and gave the rabbits some fresh parsley. I absolutely love giving the rabbits veggies! They get so excited, and hop to the front of the cage to beg for it. Then half of the time they’ll pull it out of my hand! Besides, rabbits eating leafy greens is pretty much the cutest thing ever:

After that I went and helped an AHT with the group of mice I’ve talked about before, that need specialized care – moist food, apple slices, an occasional SQ injection of fluids (all to combat dehydration, which is related to the study). What I get to do with these mice depends on the AHT I’m with. A couple will actually let me work right along side them autonomously, making decisions and giving fluids. Others will let me assess cages, but then will do the treatments themselves. Of course it’s most fun to get to do stuff, but I enjoy helping in anyway that I can. I <3 Mice :)

By the time I got back to the office it was 1pm, so I went to lunch with a coworker to BJ’s – YUM! After lunch my husband was there to pick me up, and off we went home!


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