Day 31 – Mice!

Today was not a very eventful one. I did a lot of sitting at my desk, looking at some books (one of the AHTs lent me her Handbook of Clinical Signs in Rodents and Rabbits – it’s a fantastic resource, lots of great pictures, and offered by Charles River for free! So I immediately e-mailed them for a copy), cruising lab animal websites, working on externship applications, researching residencies, etc. I can’t lie, there was also a lot of e-mail and Facebook time, heh.

I did spend some time in both the morning and afternoon going on rounds with one of the AHTs. All of her rounds were on mice, so I saw lots of mice today! That’s okay though, because I love mice. :) We checked in on health cases, looked at lots of adorable pups, and gave treatments when necessary. She also had me write up a couple of cases in her handheld device, which was cool, because it’s the part of the whole process I haven’t really seen yet. Usually the AHT writes up any cases while I wonder the room and watch the cute critters.

That was pretty much it. I did realize today though that I only have one more month left in L.A. Possibly EVER. On September 1st Scott and I will be driving up to Davis to move me into my new apartment (a 2 bedroom place in Sacramento!). I may be back to visit for a bit during Winter break and/or Spring break, but not next summer. We start clinics the Monday after our last final of third year. Then I’ll be off to residency, which may or may not be in L.A. Right now I’m actually leaning toward a residency at Hershey Medical Center, in Pennsylvania. And of course I don’t want to settle down and raise a family in L.A., so this may be my last month living here. And I would be SO okay with that! As much as I adore my friends here and would be lucky to be chosen for a residency at UCLA, I really can’t stand this city, its people, its traffic, etc.

I was supposed to go to spin class tonight, but I’m not feeling so hot so I canceled it. Scott and I are just gonna relax with some TV and dinner before heading off to bed.


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