Day 32 – Rats!

I started my morning off by giving kale to the rabbits (they go crazy for kale!) and treats to all of the pigs. Then we went and set up for rat tail vein blood draws. There’s an investigator that needs blood from these rats at certain time points. The way it’s done here is that the rat is anesthetized, a catheter in placed in one of the tail veins (there’s one on each side), and then a syringe is attached. One person then rubs the tail in the direction of the catheter while another person pulls back on the plunger. So I helped set up and then helped out during the blood draws by replenishing supplies, rubbing the tails, and recovering the anesthetized rats (my favorite part, of course) by holding them and petting them until they woke up. There were 12 rats to do, and it takes awhile, and so by the time we were done it was pretty much lunch time.

After lunch I went on some mouse rounds and helped sling train pigs. Then it was time to go home! I have spin class tonight 6-7pm, and it’s the instructor that I’m not all that crazy about. But I’ll still get a good workout and sweat my ass off, which is good because I only have 24 days until I’m 30 and I intend to be a hot 30 year old!

Also… I 3 weeks from today is the last day of my internship. :(



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2 responses to “Day 32 – Rats!

  1. What do you anesthetize the rats with? And what guage catheter? Just curious!

    • me

      We anesthetize them with isoflurane and oxygen, using a normal vaporizer. They’re induced in a box, and then transferred to the table and maintained though a little rubber nose piece attached to the circuit. An F/Air canister is attached for scavenge. The catheter used to collect blood is a 24 gauge. It goes very smoothly and they recover quickly with no complications. :)

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