Day 33: Rabbits!

All of this rabbit work is making me want a pet rabbit! I looked on craigslist and you can find cage + supplies for pretty cheap. And since that’s the most expensive and prohibitive part of adopting a bunny… it make me extremely tempted! I’ve talked to Scott about it, and he’s not super sold on the idea, of course. But I am seriously considering it, and we’ll see :) I miss having small furry pets!

Anyway, onto my day! It started with visiting the pigs and the rabbits, and then there was a rabbit procedure. I attempted an arterial catheter, but couldn’t get it to feed. Then I helped as usual, with prep, shaving, scrubbing, etc. As we were shaving though, the rabbit’s color started looking bluish and his breathing was weird. So we rushed him into the surgery room to give him oxygen and monitor his oxygen saturation. The floor had been recently mopped, and the AHT was in a hurry, and she ended up falling. She’s such a great technician though that instead of bracing her fall with her hands she protected the rabbit in her arms. She landed on her elbow and was in terrible pain :( So she went to occupational health and I stayed to assist the doctor. I took over and connected all of the monitoring equipment and prepped the surgical site. It was the first time I’ve done it all on my own, but I’ve seen so many and have helped so many times that I thankfully didn’t forget anything! The rabbit ended up being fine and so did the AHT (just a scrape and some soreness).

After all of that excitement we went and gave veggies to the rabbits (fav part of my day) and apples to the chinchillas (cute! they love apples!), and then went to relieve the woman monitoring the rabbit so she could go to lunch. Then it was time for our lunch. After lunch I went with another AHT to do some mouse rounds and health checks, and then left early because there wasn’t anything else going on.

I have spin class again tonight, 6-7pm. I don’t know why, but I really love spinning. I even bought spinning shoes, and found a spinning gym close to my new place up in Sacramento so I can continue doing it! :)


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