Day 34: Tail Amputation

Today was another day of rat tail vein blood collection, which I talked about on Tuesday. I helped again with recovery :) That took most of the morning, but then I met up with two other AHTs that were on the way to do a mouse tail amputation. They asked if I wanted to come along, and of course I did! This mouse had a curl – almost a corkscrew – in the end of his tail and for some reason it had a lesion that wasn’t healing. The vets weren’t sure if he was self mutilating or what, but the decision was made to amputate the tail just above the curl. So the mouse was anesthetized, and the little end of the tail was cut off. They used electrocautery to stop the bleeding, and gave him a shot of pain meds before waking him back up. It went very smoothly and quickly. I just love the degree to which these animals are treated and cared for instead of just euthanized. We stayed until she was recovered and up and running around, and she’ll get checked on daily for healing and signs of pain.

The rest of the day was typical. Gave apples to the rabbits, hay to the chinchillas, and treats to the pigs. In the afternoon I went on some mouse rounds and health checks, which I always enjoy even though the AHTs are worried that I’m bored. Then it was home, almost the end of another week. Tonight I have spin class again, 7-8:15pm. Tonight is the really tough class, that includes intense upper body workouts as well as an ab workout at the end. I have a feeling I’ll be sore and tired tomorrow, but it’s worth it!


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