Day 35: Last Rabbit Surgery

Today was my last time helping out with a rabbit surgery. :( The next one isn’t until 8/25, and my last day here is 8/23. I placed the ear vein catheter and helped as usual with prep and monitoring. Afterwards it was time for rabbit veg, chinchilla treats, and pig treats. So my morning was pretty typical.

After lunch I helped with sling training the pigs, weighing some of the rabbits and chinchillas, and then in necropsy. I originally went because there was a mouse with a polycystic kidney, and since kidneys are my favorite organ, I was excited and we hurried up there. When we got there though, the necropsy was all done with, and the mouse was already in a bag in the freezer. But there was a rabbit necropsy, so I stayed and watched that until it was time to go.

I’m sorry if my posts have gotten boring. The week has become mostly stuff I’ve seen/done before, and while it’s still exciting to do it, it’s not as much so to write and read about it. Also I haven’t been writing about all of my amazing weekends with my husband! I blog so much during the week that I don’t even touch it on the weekends. But yeah, long story short is that living with him has been so wonderful this summer! I’m not looking forward to going back to school soon, for several reasons…


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