A Weekend Post!!

I haven’t been posting much on the weekends, but they have been great! Scott and I spend the weekends going to movies (my fav so far this year: Midnight in Paris – LOVED IT!), lounging around, going out to eat, etc. I’ve also been hanging out with friends here in L.A., which has been great. Even though I have a lot of amazing friends in Davis, I really miss my L.A. friends during the school year.

This weekend has been a little different. I signed up for a Saturday mouse necropsy workshop. One of my co-workers thinks I’m crazy to basically do something for work on the weekend. But I was really excited for it! It was hosted by the Southern California AALAS branch and held at Los Angeles Pierce College, where I did almost all of my pre-req classes for vet school. It was in the new, beautiful Center for Sciences. It had just begun to be built when I was finished up there, and I’m jealous! It’s really beautiful, and the facilities for the vet tech program are amazing! Anyway, the workshop was super fun. We had a lecture and then a lab portion where we did a full and complete necropsy. These are skills I’m going to need, and the more experience I can get, the better. Plus, as I’ve said on this blog about a million times, I love necropsy! Call me weird, but it’s fun and fascinating to me. After the necropsy, they provided lunch. It was totally worth the $20!!

Once home, Scott and I hung out for a bit and then went out and saw Crazy, Stupid, Love. I wasn’t too sure going into it, I mean the previews looked pretty good but I’m not much for romantic comedies – they’re not really my thing. But I LOVE this movie – it blew me away! It was so great, the acting was amazing and the writing was really touching. It was really well done, and I think everyone should go see it. :)

Today, we’ve been doing… NOTHING! Lounging around, reading, playing video games, just hanging out. Which is exactly the kind of day I wanted and needed. And now I’m going to get back to it! :)


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