Day 38: Pig Surgery, Rabbit Training, and Mouse Necropsy… Oh My!

As you can tell from the title, today was a packed and exciting day. I started off by going with one of the doctors and a resident to a pig surgery. It was a survival surgery, so everything had to be sterile, and I helped them gown, open things, etc. Not terribly exciting, but I was glad to help. Then I got to watch the surgery while the vet explained everything she was doing. I can’t really tell you what the surgery was, but it was very cool to watch. After that we had a rabbit training session. It was for the AHTs in order to get more comfortable with techniques in rabbits. One of the vets and the AHT that takes care of the rabbits taught it, and after a presentation we got to practice on one of the training rabbits. Unfortunately, I actually have bit more experience than several of the AHTs since I’ve been helping with the surgeries this summer, so I didn’t get to place an IV catheter. I did get to practice intubation, and was successful! :) We also went over anesthesia and monitoring, physical exam, etc. It was fun and of course, I learned a lot.

Then I had a late lunch at BJs with a co-worker, and when we got back we watched a necropsy on some little mouse pups :( They were so tiny and cute, poor little things. You don’t get to see necropsies on super young pups very often, so while it was sad, it was also extremely interesting.

Then it was home, spinning class, and now my wonderful hubby is cooking dinner. :)


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