Day 39: Injections are fun!

So I don’t get the opportunity here to do a ton of injections. It’s not that no one will let me, it’s that there just aren’t that many to do. And I didn’t really do that many today (only 4…), but they were fun. The more hands on experience I can get with these species the better!

The morning was mostly as usual, going with the AHT who takes care of the covered species to do rabbit veggies, check on some pigs, and give the chinchillas treats. Then it was time to do exams on the new pigs received this week. This includes a TPR (temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate) and giving two vaccines. I’ve helped before, with getting the TPR, but this was the first time I did the entire exam myself, including the vaccines. The syringe is attached to a butterfly catheter, and one is given IM on one side of the neck, the other on the opposite side. You have to be calm and gentle when inserting the needle, and then give it very quickly. It was fun :)

Then I helped with rat tail bleeds, which I’ve talked about before. After lunch I went with an AHT to check on mice that are in a study that requires them to be checked on daily and given apple pieces, moistened food, and SQ fluids if they’re dehydrated. I’ve helped with these mice several times, so when I go now I’m given a pen to mark the cards and they trust my judgement. Most of them were okay, but I did give fluids to two mice. Doing a SQ injection in a mouse is something I was very intimidated by when I first got here, but thanks to the wonderful training class and the AHTs allowing me to gain experience, I’m now fairly comfortable with it. :)

My summer is coming to an end… I don’t wanna go back to school! It’s more fun here, where I actually get to touch animals, haha. Although I do have surgery class starting this coming quarter, which is both extremely exciting and terrifying!


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