Day 40: Interesting Necropsies

This morning I went with an AHT on rodent rounds, and helped with the mice I talked about yesterday – I got to give a couple more SQ injections. Then at 11am one of the veterinarians performed two educational necropsies. When a mouse needs to be euthanized, if the lab doesn’t need it to collect tissues, one of the vets will do a necropsy if it seems like something cool and let us watch and participate. Today’s were really interesting – they both had large, firm masses in their abdomens. One was very unilateral, the other was extremely large and taking up the entire caudal abdomen. The first one was pretty clear – we guessed that it was a kidney and indeed it was – the mouse had a very severe case of hydronephrosis. I’ve never seen a kidney so dilated! The other case was a bit more interesting (and confusing!). The mass in the caudal abdomen did not resemble any normal tissue and was so large that it was pressing all of the other abdominal organs cranially, up under the diaphragm. We were able to find and confirm normalcy of the testicles, bladder, and seminal vesicles and it wasn’t coming off of the intestines… so the doctor’s best guess was that it was (or used to be) the prostate. She removed the mass and placed it in formalin, so it will be interesting to hear what she finds on pathology. Have I mentioned that I love path and necropsy? :) Only about a hundred times…

After that I went home early! There wasn’t anything in particular going on, and I wanted an early start to my weekend :) So now I’m hanging out, reading, watching TV, and generally relaxing until my husband gets home.


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