Day 41: Introducing Scott to My World

This morning was typical – rodent rounds, those same mice that need daily checks, assessing new cases (there were a lot!!), and updating current cases in a couple of different buildings. There was also a tech meeting first thing, and I went to that.

After lunch, Scott stopped by to get a tour of the facilities :) He’s never been in a vivarium, and he’s always been interested. So an AHT took us around. We visited the chinchillas, the rabbit room (a personal fav), a few rat rooms (including a breeding room with BABIES!), the pigs, the frogs, and the vervets. He really enjoyed it and the only thing that really surprised him was how vocal the pigs are. It was nice for him to see a vivarium, so that when I talk about it he understands. Also, since his wife is going to be working in this field, it’s good for him to know what that entails. Plus it was just fun taking him around and visiting the different animals. :)


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