Day 42: Last Week

Since next Tuesday is my last day of this internship, I’m officially in my last week :( Today was really busy, and I had a great day. It started with rodent rounds, which I actually really like. Sure, the covered species are a lot of fun, but for some reason I really love rodents! Of course, that’s a good thing, since I wanna be a lab animal vet. So I helped with the mice that need daily checks +/- supportive care (I’ve talked about them many times), helped assess and treat new cases, and checked in on current cases. Then I went off with another AHT to do some mouse work in a lab. She had to give tail vein injections at certain time points. I’m always amazed at how quickly and easily she does them, especially in black mice – the pigment makes the veins pretty much impossible for me to see. The went into lunch, so I left to go eat.

In the afternoon I helped teach the mouse class, all the while getting more experience myself. I appreciate that the AHTs are comfortable with me teaching people how to work with mice – it’s nice to know that they trust me and are confident in my abilities! After the class I went with an AHT to check on a pig with diarrhea and a fever. Then it was time to kill an hour and a half before the second sugar glider lecture! I talked about it last Tuesday, and this Tuesday was another lecture on a different subject. Yay sugar gliders! I’m sad I won’t be here when they arrive, but I’m thankful I get to the chance to learn all about them.


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