Day 44: Slow Afternoon…

This morning I went on rodent rounds with an AHT, and it was pretty typical. Checking on cases, writing up new ones, etc. It may sound boring, but I really enjoy going on rounds. I like seeing all the different facilities, the different cases that come up, and how they’re treated. Then I helped him label blood tubes for a huge collection he has to do tomorrow. That saves him a ton of time, and I totally don’t mind helping out when I’m needed.

The afternoon was…. slow. Probably the slowest yet. I didn’t really do anything except goof of on the computer, talk to one of the residents about school and residency options, talked to the other AHTs, etc. I left a bit early since nothing was going on. Then I came home and went to the early spinning class. My wonderful husband is out doing a voice-over job, so I’m just lounging around waiting for him to come home.


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