Day 45: Busy Friday!

Today was really busy, which I like. In the morning I helped one of the AHTs with mouse blood collections. By “help” I really mean that I took the capillary tube from him and put the blood into a blood tube and then put it on ice while he prepared the next mouse (the mice were anesthetized with isoflurane and he collected blood retro-orbitally). He offered to let me bleed a couple, but since I’ve only done it twice before and these were important research mice, I passed. That took three hours (it was a LOT of mice), and afterwards I went on rounds with him, checking up on cases, etc. I did get to trim the teeth of one mouse with malocclusion. It still makes me nervous that I’m going to cut their lips or tongue, but I’m definitely getting better and more confident. Then it was time to break for lunch!

After lunch, I went with one of the doctors and AHTs to help with a pig with a rectal prolapse, poor thing. So they anesthetized him, and I helped by holding in the prolapse (yes that’s exactly what it sounds like, haha) while the doctor put stitches around the anus. The idea is for it to not be too tight for the animal to defecate, but tight enough to keep the prolapse in. When he was checked on later, the prolapse had no reoccurred, but there was fresh feces, so yay! Then I went off to help with physicals on new pigs. It was just doing TPRs, but the more experience with pigs the better! I have to say, I really love pigs, they’re wonderful animals. :)  From there I went with an AHT on rounds in some of the rat breeding rooms, which is always fun because baby rats are ridiculous! By then it was past time to leave for the day, so it was off to home!

I only have 2 days left… Monday and Tuesday. That sucks, because I’ve loved working there! The good thing is that Scott has something planned for my birthday for Wednesday-Friday, and I can’t wait! <3


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