Whirlwind Week!

Gah! Okay, so I was mostly good about posting every day (even though I’m sure some of you noticed the posts were actually usually published a couple of days later…) except for the end, because things got very busy! Monday and Tuesday were really great, I got in some great unique experiences and had some really nice goodbyes. Everyone is hoping to see me again in two years, for residency. We’ll see! The director of the residency program had some really nice things to say when I was leaving, and told me to make sure I stay in touch. So those are good signs, and that residency program is toward the top of my list, so yay!

On Tuesday night, my wonderful husband started my birthday early by bringing me a delicious banana fudge pie from a place known in Los Angeles for their pies (Four N’ 20). It was seriously amazing! Then we got up early Wednesday for a 2 hours drive to my birthday surprise. Which was a two night stay at Big Bear Lake!! It’s a gorgeous lakeside resort town way up in the mountains, and I couldn’t have been happier :) It was absolutely perfect! We got there early in the day, and walked around town checking out the shops, grabbed lunch, walked around the lake, and had a great and relaxing day. Then we went to where we were staying – a private cabin at a bed and breakfast with a real fireplace (not gas) and a spa tub – do I have the BEST HUSBAND EVER or what?! We had the most delicious dinner both nights (lobster lasagna the first night, crab legs with a lake view the second), built a fire both nights which made me extremely happy, the breakfasts at the BnB were to die for, we went hiking, took a ski lift to the top of a mountain, we just had an incredible time together. I couldn’t have planned a better way to turn 30 than a romantic mountain getaway with my husband. We checked out of the hotel Friday and drove back to L.A.

But my birthday celebration wasn’t over! We were back in L.A. for only a couple of hours before Tara and Jeff came and picked me up and we went to Las Vegas for the night! We stayed at the Monte Carlo, had dinner at an amazing sushi restaurant, drank, hung out at the casinos (I won $20 at a slot machine, haha, the tables are too expensive and too intimidating!), and just generally had an amazing time Friday night and Saturday. Not only do I have an amazing husband, I have wonderful friends. How’d I get so lucky?!

And the past couple of days I’ve just been relaxing, lounging around the apartment with the kitties, etc. I really should be getting things ready for the drive back to Sacramento early Thursday morning, but I’ve had such a hectic summer that I’m enjoying taking it easy. I’ll be regretting it when I’m going crazy trying to get everything together, but I’ll worry about that when the time comes! Right now, I think I’ll play some World of Warcraft instead ;)


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