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Already a Zombie

So yeah, haha, third year of vet school is in full swing. It’s been a few weeks since I posted, because it’s been kind of crazy. Scott and I drove back to Sacramento, and had to move all of my stuff from storage and into the new apartment. Then, until classes started, I unpacked, decorated, made a couple of trips to IKEA (of course), and hung out and went hiking with Davis friends that I hadn’t seen all summer. I have to add here that my new apartment is amazing! It’s a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom, with a washer/dryer and dishwasher in the unit. So I have a separate office and a bathroom for guests (and a litter box, obviously…) and – the best part – I can do my laundry anytime without digging for quarters and lugging everything across the apartment complex. That is SO nice. It’s a little further from school (20 min vs. 10-12), but I’m carpooling with a friend of mine who also lives in Sacramento, and this apartment is $200 cheaper than my 1 bedroom/1 bathroom without washer/dryer apartment in Davis! Davis is a college town, and so the prices are super inflated. Having a bigger apartment with better amenities for less money is pretty damn awesome.

Then classes started on September 6th, and it’s been a bit crazy since then. First, since I’m president of two clubs (I don’t know what the hell I was thinking), there was a ton of club stuff to do in the first couple of weeks. I had to get them going, touch base with other officers, poll for meeting times, recruit new first years, etc. It’s *exhausting,* but also rewarding. Then there was another Vegas trip the first weekend, to celebrate my 30th with Davis friends. There were 7 of us, tons of alcohol, all night dancing, amazing pool time, etc. It was an amazing time, and some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Week 2 was busy with surgery labs (omg I’m going to be performing surgery this year…), reading assignments, etc. And then today was our first exam of third year in clinical neurology. That’s what I spent my weekend doing – preparing for this morning’s exam. So I’m on super sleep deprivation right now; I’ve been accumulating a sleep debt since Vegas. Also I’m having a really hard time readjusting to not living with Scott again – having an entire summer with him makes coming back here without him extremely hard.

Now I’m sitting in a class that I consider useless, just waiting until noon, when my fav class ever starts: Companion Exotic Small Animal Medicine and Surgery. It’s the most applicable medicine class for what I want to do, and we spent the first week talking about rabbits – I loved every second of it!

And tonight was made for TV and passing out early :) THAT will be amazing.


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