Home and Hell

For me, my living environment is extremely important. When  I come home, I want a space in which I can relax and do whatever I need/want to do. This is one reason I’ve lived alone for so long – before I got married and now while I’m in school away from my husband. If there is a sink of dirty dishes, it’s because they’re mine. If I want to lie in front of the television all day long and do nothing – and watch whatever trash I want to watch – I can do that. I can sleep without interruption, stay up late without feeling guilty, and it’s amazing. My current apartment feels more like home than any apartment has in a long time. I’m sitting here on the couch, the office is down the hallway for studying, and my dishwasher and dryer are both going. It’s pretty sweet. The only thing that could make this place better is if my wonderful husband lived here with me. :)

But… this is a vet school blog, so about that… I have a hell of a week coming up. Tuesday is my Surgery final, Wednesday is my VERY FIRST SURGERY EVER (it’s a neuter, and I know that’s a simple surgery, but I’m still super nervous… I’ve never cut into a live animal before!), Thursday a take home exam opens (Companion Exotic Small Animal Medicine and Surgery – LOVE that class, but the last exam was pretty damn hard, despite being take home), and Friday I have a Food Animal Medicine exam. How’s that for a packed week?! I’m a bit anxious about it, but I spent the entire weekend preparing for the Surgery final and am feeling pretty decent about it. I still have tomorrow night to study that, and then Tuesday I’ll be watching the castration video about 1 million times, as well as reading over everything I need to know for the next day’s surgery. Then Wednesday and Thursday night I can study for Food Animal, and hopefully knock out the take home Friday after the exam. Once this week is over, my schedule evens out a bit more and it’s pretty laid back for the remainder of the quarter. Just gotta get through it!!

And on Friday night Scott flies in, so the weekend will be pretty great :) It will be my reward for getting through hell week! And now, I should be going to bed, but I think I’ll work a bit on my Food Animal Medicine study guide. After all, I would feel guilty getting more than 6 hours of sleep!

One last thing… I can’t believe I’ve never posted this before, but it’s pretty much my favorite thing ever and I always watch it when I need a quick smile:


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