Winter Break, la la la!

Hey, wow, it’s been over a month since I’ve posted! That’s because the quarter was crazy, and it only got more and more crazy toward the end. It was a pretty rough quarter for me, in more ways than one. But now it’s OVER! I finished up my finals in a sleep deprived caffeine haze and the next day drove back to L.A.

Let’s rewind a bit. A week and a half before finishing the quarter and driving back to my husband was Thanksgiving break. I had the entire week off, and it was really amazing. I went and got sushi with my best friend here in L.A., which was great – it had been far too long since I’d hung out with her. The majority of my break was spent in San Diego, hanging out with my in-laws and having the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner EVER! And I love it, because I get to hang out, relax, read, and just take it easy and eat a lot. Which I did, haha. However, there was some sad news over break as well. My in-laws have this amazing 18 month old puppy – she’s sweet, smart, and gives them joy every single day. The day before Thanksgiving she was acting lethargic and not engaging as much at the dog park, so my father-in-law took her to the vet. During their physical, they discovered that her heart rate was only 40 beats per minute. A normal heart rate for a dog her size would be 110-120 beats per minute. So they referred her to the UC Veterinary Medicine Center, where she got an EKG  and an echocardiogram. They then suggested that she have an appointment with their board certified cardiologist, but he was out of town for a couple of weeks. So while I was there, I listened to her heart (it was so bizarre to hear a heart rate of 32-40 in a small dog) and looked at all of my notes for cardio. I guessed that she had atrial standstill, and just suggested that they keep her quiet and watch her until they could make an appointment. She also had early signs of congestive heart failure, so they started her on a diuretic (Furosemide) and an ACE inhibitor (Benazapril), which seemed to help elevated her mood, activity level, and appetite.

So after driving to L.A. after finals, Scott and I drove to San Diego the next morning so that we could go with his dad and Mia to the cardiologist appointment. He asked me if I would go, and of course I obliged (after protesting that I’m not a doctor yet and am definitely no cardiologist expert!). The cardiologist was amazing, and after an exam and an EKG confirmed persistent atrial standstill. It’s so sad, because she’s so young! Her only hope is the placement of a pacemaker. So Scott’s dad called back after the appointment and agreed to go ahead with the surgery. The bad thing is that there’s no guaranteed time line for lengthening her lifespan – it could be anywhere from 6 months to several years. I’m hoping that her youth is on her side and that the surgery gets her many more years of happiness and chasing balls (her very favorite thing ever). It was a short trip because Scott had to work, and we made the drive back to L.A. the next night.

Winter break has been nothing short of wonderful ever since, but I think with talking about Mia this post is long enough for now. :)


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