Coming back to L.A. was so great in so many ways. Of course it meant the end of the quarter from hell, so that was great. Of course it meant hanging out for days and nights on end with my husband, which is the thing I miss most when I’m in Sacramento. But one of the best things about returning to L.A. was being back with my KITTIES!! When I came down for Thanksgiving, I brought them down and left them in L.A. With only a week between the end of Thanksgiving break and the end of the quarter, it just made the most sense to avoid high pet sitting fees and unnecessary trips and stress for the cats. But my apartment in Sacramento felt SO empty… and still… and quiet. I absolutely hated it. I spend my life with five sweet kitties, including having at least three sleep in bed with me every night. It was so lonely without them! So it was nice to once again be surrounded by my sweet little felines. Maybe that sounds silly, but I am a vet student, after all ;)

After returning from San Diego, I had several days in a row of doing NOTHING and it was AMAZING! I slept 10 hours a night, read books, watched TV, napped. It was exactly what I needed at the end of that awful quarter. That’s how I spent Saturday through Tuesday. Then Wednesday started Scott’s three days off! J He started off by bringing home beautiful flowers and a delicious dinner of bread, cheese, and meat Tuesday night. Have I mentioned that I have the most incredible husband ever? We found an amazing deal online, $33 per person for entry into both the Los Angeles Zoo and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Scott had the next few days off, so we bought it! We went to the zoo on Wednesday and the aquarium on Thursday and had the most amazing time! I love doing things like that with Scott, we just have so much fun together. They were really great days. On Friday we took the entire day and just stayed inside, ordered pizza, laid around cuddling, and watched movies. I missed my husband so much.

Then yesterday I got up at 4:30am, went to work with Scott and caught a Super Shuttle to the airport (it was much cheaper from there than from home). After a very long day and two flights, I landed in Pittsburgh and am now hanging with my mom and brother in Ohio. Where it is freaking COLD!! Today we went around visiting family, but most of the trip will involve me laying around. And there’s a 50% chance of a white Christmas, which will make me very happy!


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