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And so it begins again…

Well, I’ve had an eventful start to the quarter. After spending every possible second with Scott in L.A., I got my car all packed up and gave my 5 kitties acepromazine, shoved them in their carriers, and started toward Sacramento around 6pm Sunday night. I was about 2 miles from the apartment when I heard this terrible high pitched scratching sound coming from my left rear tire and smelled something burning. Oooooh GREAT. So I turned around and went back home. Of course the shop we go to was closed, so there was really no choice but miss the first day of class. So I unpacked the poor cats and took up what I needed for one night. Scott could’ve given me his car, but he had to work the next day and had already called in sick that day to spend my last day together.

So I got up Monday morning and took my car into the shop at 8am. Seven hours and $600 and my car was fixed and ready to go. Ouch. The poor cats were really not pleased when it came time to put them in their carriers again, the second time in as many days. But I got all packed up and headed out, for real this time, at about 5pm yesterday. I got home last night around 11, and by the time I finished unpacking the car, setting up litter boxes, feeding the cats, getting settled in, etc. it was midnight. Then of course one of my lovely cats decided to not keep her dinner in her stomach, where it belongs. After stepping in that lovely surprise, I cleaned it up and finally crashed into bed at around 1:30am.

At 5am, another of my lovely cats decided to scream in my face. This is very typical for her after a stressful encounter – she will not shut up unless I’m petting her. But as soon as I start to doze off, I stop petting her, and the screaming¬†commences, haha. So I threw her out, she got back in, I threw her out again, and finally got back to sleep. I woke up at 7am, generally grumpy with the world, and made it to the second day of classes. Surprisingly, it was a pretty good day. I had Advanced Small Animal Ultrasound, Small Animal Medicine, and Large Animal Anesthesia this morning. Small Animal Med was pretty boring, because we’re doing dermatology and I’m NOT a fan… but in general I liked all three classes. Then this afternoon we had our last video taped client simulation exercise with actors (those are FUN.), and despite not looking forward to it, it went pretty well. Then I went and spent an exorbitant amount of money at the grocery store for a seemingly disproportionate amount of food to restock my kitchen and made a lovely dinner and had a glass of wine. I think I’ll watch a bit of TV, then head off to bed relatively early. Here’s hoping no cats put in the mood to make some warm, fur lined gloves tonight.


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