Weekend Report

I had a pretty awesome weekend, and right this moment I could either study more or tell you about it. You’ve seen which option I’ve chosen.

Saturday I went on a hiking adventure with a friend. There’s a reason I didn’t say I just “went hiking.” We found a trail we wanted to try out at Lake Berryessa, a place I’ve hiking many times before – but this was a new trail. After getting quite lost and driving for 2 hours, we finally found one of the many trail heads along this particular hike. We got out – myself, my friend, and her dog – and got all ready to go on a fabulous hike. We started down the trail, and about half a mile in, it just ended. Completely gone. Since the brush was quite high and we didn’t want to end up lost out in the wilderness, we dejectedly started back to the car. Once there, we realized there had been some trouble while her very fluffy/scruffy dog had been traipsing through the underbrush. One – he was full of tiny, sticky burrs. They had embedded themselves into his coat and we hung out by her car for awhile picking them out. Two – burrs were not the only things we picked out of his coat… he was also COVERED IN TICKS!! GAH!! I swear we picked more than twenty ticks off of him. It was really gross and seemingly never ending. They were all very small and none had gotten down to his skin yet, but it was still gross. And don’t worry – upon returning home I did a very thorough search to find not a one on me. Anyway, after lots of burr and tick picking, we loaded back into the car and started back. We came across another hike that we had read about it, and upon initial investigation, it was wide and clear of brush. So we tried it out, with her dog now on leash. But, again, after about half a mile we ran out of trail with nowhere really to go. We turned around and went back to the car, where we pulled another few ticks off of her dog, and decided to call it a day. However! The weather was so unbelievably perfect, the lake was absolutely beautiful, the air was clean and crisp, and I was out of Davis with good company. So even though it was mostly a bust, I still had a great time and was thankful to be outside.

Today I did a feral cat spay/neuter clinic in the morning at the local SPCA and neutered five kitties. Yay for helping control the unwanted pet population! These clinics are so important, and such great opportunities to get more practice. I had a great time and was a little sad to leave at noon. Then I came home, studied small animal medicine, worked out, made a delicious and healthy dinner, studied some more, talked to my most amazing husband, and now I’m winding down toward bed. It’s early, but I have an 8am class. Besides, it’s going to be a long week of studying, so I don’t want to start the week on a sleep deficit!


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